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We are happy to offer virtual, EMDRIA-approved EMDR training!
Choose the option that works best for your schedule!
Trainings include six days of training and ten consultation hours!

Live instruction!
Check out the video below for more information!

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Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 10.01.30 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 6.50.28 PM.png

I am excited to now offer EMDR Basic Trainings around the country!


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a research-based integrative psychotherapy that helps with healing trauma (past or recent), PTSD symptoms, persistent negative beliefs about oneself (such as "I'm stupid" or "I'm worthless") and much more.  Using auditory tones or visual cues, the client follows a rhythmic left-right pattern while noticing thoughts and feelings associated with memories and beliefs.  The EMDR therapist uses a standardized protocol and proficient therapeutic skills to guide the client through the process.  Clients overwhelmingly find EMDR therapy to be quicker and more thorough than talk therapy.

EMDR Basic Trainings consist of two 3-day weekends (with approximately 3-6 months in between) and 10 hours of consultation, and are taught by Stacy Stoddard, an EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Consultant and Trainer (see full bio here.). At the completion of the training, you will be fully trained to use EMDR in your practice.

If you are a therapist (or a student in a counseling program) and would like to be trained in EMDR, please contact me for upcoming trainings or to find out how to bring one to your area.

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